Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for joining me here at my blog!

Now, to put it out there, I’m not a professional chef, and I’m certainly not claiming to be the best of anything. I am an ordinary person with a life who loves to put my own spin on things. The recipes that I post are the recipes that I’ve used in the pictures that come along with each post. If I attempt a recipe that is NOT mine, I will certainly give credit to where I first saw the recipe and leave a link to the original post that I saw. So if you like what you see, give it a try! If you are unsatisfied, change the recipe. The world is yours to create. My goal with this blog is to simply inspire. I am constantly inspired by what others create and by the beauty of creativity. I hope that I can pass on that inspiration with my blog. Remember, every recipe can be tailored to fit you perfectly. At the end of the day, you are cooking for you, and you (and maybe others) are the one eating your creation.

How I cook

I like to cook on instinct. I estimate the ingredients that I’ll need and then start cooking. (I am, however, a lot more exact when it comes to baking). I will do my best to list the quantity of each ingredient that I use in my recipes, however, I really do measure base on what I feel is, at the moment, appropriate. Remember, you are completely free to change the recipe to fit your tastes and preferences. Don’t like onions? Add less. Love spinach? Add more. Once again, I hope that my posts will inspire you to create.

I am also very inspired by different types of foods. The international foods that I do try my hand at may or may not be completely authentic. However, remember that this blog is for me to share food that I really enjoy, and food that I put my own little twist on, and I encourage you to create your own little creative twists on recipes. There is only experience and knowledge to gain!

Other Social Media

You can find me on Instagram and on Pinterest. Instagram is where I post a picture of my cooking, baking, and calligraphy adventures and attempts. Pinterest is where I link my recipes to this very blog. Also on my Pinterest, you’ll find posts that inspire me. I have many food boards where re-pin many, many recipes that I think are cool ideas (some recipes I have tried, but many recipes I have not. Like I said, I like to use them as inspiration or a platform to build upon). Feel free to browse! Hopefully what inspires me will inspire you. My social media will be linked on the Home Page of this blog, but just in case, my Instagram username is: tea.en.scones and my Pinterest username is: teaenscones. Hope to see you guys there! Let’s keep sharing the food love!